I swear, I could look at this all day

And one more thing to put in the file titled My Book Actually Exists! are these two little pages from the 2011 catalog at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Which means, currently, at the Barnhill House: more joyful squeals; more dancing about the room; more wild abandon.


4 thoughts on “I swear, I could look at this all day

  1. So cool, Kelly! I love the cover, the synopsis, the excerpt, the whole she-bang! Not only is there some proof it exists but it sounds pretty great. Sounds like something my 11 year old may like. And I have been horrible contacting you since the Loft! But here I am now – blogs are my preferred way of communication I guess.

  2. We should talk in person sometime again! The projects are totally floating in limbo but it feels right to let them float. I have started light revision on manuscript 1 and manuscript 2 is a beautiful idea that still needs a lot of work.

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