If you would like to contact me – particularly if you have businessy, important questions, things that need to be filled out in triplicate or pondered over or in any way requires a broad body of knowledge – you can contact my agent. His name is Steven Malk ( and he knows way more than I ever will.

Or you can try finding me on Twitter, where I am probably ruminating the bizarre, the esoteric and the enraging and sometimes posting funny pictures of my dog. My twitter handle is @kellybarnhill.


62 thoughts on “Contact

      • Dear Kelly, I’ve tried to contact you a bunch of times; never successfully. I’d like to know if it’s okay to read The Girl Who Drank the Moon on our local radio station, on a kid’s program.

      • Hello Kelly . I just want to tell you how thankful I am several weeks of joyous reading . I’m a fan and I was a bit shy to write this comment . I look forward to reading more of you amazing books

        Aged 10

      • Hello Kelly . U are my favorite author in the entire world 🌎. My name is Lara and I am ten years old . I live in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹.Have a wonderful day. 😀


  1. hi kelly you came to my school today an taught us alot of amazing things i really like the mostly true story of jack thank you for coming to dowling!:-)

  2. Kelly Barnhill, You rock! You came into my class at Seward Montessori and explained about stories. I never knew that the first thing ever written down was a story! It was such a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you again in the near future. Thanks! Bye!

  3. Hi kelly! I love the book you wrote called The Mostly True Story Of Jack!!!! You are an amazing writer who inspires me to write books!!

  4. I’ve just finished reading your book “The Witch’s Boy” and it was fantastic I loved it. I was just wondering will you be continuing Ned’s Adventures with Áine.

  5. hi, kelly! have you thinking about any translation of your books? one friend wants to buy “Iron Hearted Violet” but she only speaks in spanish.

    P.S. sorry if i made any misspells, i didnt speak in english too but at least i try. you’re awesome!

    • Thank you so much, Daniel! What a nice thing to say. Unfortunately, none of my books are translated into Spanish. I wish they were! Here’s hoping that someday Iron Hearted Violet can be in Spanish. That would make me so happy!

      (Also, your English is wonderful. I speak Spanish, though very badly, I’m afraid. I was too shy to reply in your lovely language. I’m glad you enjoyed the English versions, and here’s hoping that a Spanish translation will exist sometime in the future!)

  6. Kelly Barnhill, you are one of my favorite authors! My twelve year old son and I have read The Girl Who Drank the Moon together and are currently reading The Witch’s Boy. So in love with the characters! My son had to take over the reading toward the end of TGWDTM because I couldn’t stop crying long enough to get through it. Never stop writing! Thank you for the adventures.

  7. Hi Kelly,
    Carrie Mesrobian, a colleague from grad school, pointed me to “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” when I asked her about working towards publishing my middle-grade novel and I loved it. I also love that you make pie (me too) and that you worked on a trail crew at Marmot Lake. Thanks for the trails to keep me safe wandering the wilderness!

  8. Dear Kelly, thank you so much for ‘the girl who drank the moon’. We read in german. You find so special words, beautyfull poetrie… It’s a plesure. I think, you dont visit school in Germany / Bremen, isn’t it ? warm greetings, best wishes and happy X-Mas. Milka

  9. Hello my name is Gwen and I’m 12 years old. I just got the girl who drank the moon for Christmas and it was an amazing book, full of imagination and wonder! But I would love to find out what happens afterwords! For now I’ll just guess. My brothers is reading it now and we’re getting more of your books! Also I live in MN near the twin cities and your the only mn author not about history books and their GR8!

  10. Hi, my name is Paula and I am a reading intervention teacher at Oakdale Elementary in Oakdale, MN. I am on the I love to read month committe at my school and I have been trying to think of some fun activities for the kids to do during February. When I mentioned having a local author come in and read to a class or 2, my daughter told me that she had the opportunity to listen to you speak to her Lit. Theory class this past fall and gave me your website info. I read that you will skype with a classroom and would like to know if you have any time this February, and if you would be willing or able to? Thank you, Paula Grau

  11. Dear Kelly,

    I have lived and lived your “The Girl Who Drunk The Moon” book while reading it to my 7-year old daughter. We were moved and inspired by iy and, as we live in a pay-it-forward way, we are here to ask for your permission in doing so. I would like to read it in a non-professional manner, like reading it to my children at night, and post it for free on YouTube, for all the kids that don’t get the chance of having their parents reading to them at night. I would read it in Romanian, as this is my native tongue, with no profit or income what so ever for myself. I’ve already done this with Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story” and the plan is to keep doing it with books that inspire all ages at the same time. If you want to check it, my channel’s name on YouTube is “Calator In Viata” (a play of words in Romanian that means both Alive Traveller as well as Traveller Thru Life). It would mean imensly for my daughter and I (and for all the kids listening to it) if you would agree. If any audiobook in Romanian in the future, i’ll just advertise the link in the description and, if course, will include any copyright claims at your choice.
    I only want to pay it forward to the kids with too busy parents.

    Thank you for reading this!

  12. Dear Kelly Barnhill,
    I have never written a “fan letter” in my (long and joyous) life. But today I am stunned into tapping off this note to you.
    I just listened to “Dreadful Young Ladies”—read by the mesmerizing John Lee.
    But YOU! You, You, You are remarkable. Thank you for your rich and velvet and luscious stories. As an artist, my soul is grateful for just such visual and fascinating tales.
    I am off to paint a portrait of Sparrow.
    And to then find and devour everything you’ve written…

    Thank you again,

    (also a terrible gardener and a maker of pie)

  13. Hi! Sorry for this question here, but I am not on Twitter. How do you pronounce Fyrian? I assume something like Syrian, but with F of course. Thank you!

  14. Hello Kelly,

    You are my daughter’s 2nd cousin and she has been asking me if she can meet you. We don’t have any plans to come to Minnesota anytime soon. So, I am wondering if you have any book tours taking you out west? I don’t see any future events listed on your schedule. I believe her Grandma will be asking you to sign another of your books she doesn’t own yet for Christmas.

    • Hi, Delia! I did indeed sign that book! I hope it is enjoyed. I don’t have any tours scheduled at present, but I do have a school out in your neck of the woods interested in bringing me out for a school visit. Unclear as to when – or even if it will materialize. School budgets and school schedules are sticky, after all. But you guys will for sure be informed if I head your way. Thanks for checking in!

  15. Hi Kelly,
    I’m a Dad. I’ve got a wife and three kids and a kitten named Luna. I work in a public library (an amazing one, really, quite possibly the most amazing library in the world but I’m a bit biased), where I get to be intrigued by countlessly more books than I can ever read. As a pretty voracious reader, I’m always in search of that one specific story that not only captures that sense of wonder and adventure and danger, but one that shines through with ideas about life, death, and real love, and whose writing and characters and heart resonates enough to stick with me for years down the road. I just wanted to write to tell you how your writing has brought me such joy, and utterly affected me.
    The first book of yours I read was ‘The Girl Who Drank The Moon’, and I was so completely taken with your beautiful, lyrical writing style, the strong and realistic and complex characters, the dark mixed with humor, and the almost tangible love that shines through it all. I haven’t stopped thinking about that book since I first read it two years ago, and I consistently recommend it to anyone who will listen. One of the best books I’ve ever read.
    I just finished The Witch’s Boy, which compelled me to write to you. I just wanted to say thank you. There are only a handful of books in my lifetime that I can say I absolutely love. And you have written two of them. No one else that I have ever read can take beloved myth and fairytale ideas, and keep them dark and mysterious but have such a deep heart, such grasp of emotion. It’s personal, your stories. You hit the exact sweet spot of a story that I absolutely love, and you’ve brought me to tears right at the end with both of these. I will continue to read any book you write. Thank you for sharing your lovely, dark, and simply radiant stories with us.

    And if you ever want to visit an amazing library outside of Minnesota, you let me know:)

  16. Hi Kelly,
    I bought your book The Girl Who Drank the Moon for my 6 year old granddaughter for Christmas. I have been reading it to her every night, a chapter or two at a time. She is so captivated by the story! It helps that her aunt is going to have a baby in April, whose name will be Luna also. The book became more relatable because of that, but I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful adventure (I read ahead to the end, of course), and thank you for your books that we haven’t read yet, but will. Your mind is a rare gift.
    Hugs from my Luka and myself.

  17. Hello Kelly, I am Haylee. I like your books a lot and I just want to tell you that I understand when life comes up and things happen.
    I have a request, and that’s that if you can, to try not to swear in your book. I really really like your books but I hate swearing so I probably wouldn’t be able to read them anymore.
    Anyways, thanks for being a good writer, and if you happen to have any tips I would love to hear them. I’m actually writing a novel myself. It’s hard. 😉 But I like it. I hope to publish someday.
    My favorite of your books is THE GIRL WHO DRANK THE MOON. I really like it. How do you make up such great poems and stories?
    I hope I haven’t offended you in any way :), especially by my “request”. That wasn’t my intent. 🙂
    Either way, I love your books. Thank you for being awesome.

    Sincerely, Haylee.

    • Hi, Haylee! I have to say I’m confused by your comment. None of my books for children have any swears in them at all. I even went and checked just to make sure! 😉

      Now, it is true that my book for grownups has a smattering of the d-word in them, though only in one of the stories, and only spoken by one of the characters – a hard-boiled, cranky old coot who is also the town counstable. Is it possible that you’re thinking of my twitter account? Now that’s a place where I swear like a sailor, and joyfully and unabashedly so. That’s the fun thing about language – it’s so flexible and accomodating for all of our various needs!

      • This is Haylee again. Sorry for the mix-up about swearing. I probably just confused you with a different author. 🙂 Thank you for responding so fast. 🙂 Anyway I was just really quick wondering if you had any tips for writing and writing poems in particular. I might have an instance in my novel where I might need to write one. 😉 If not, its fine. Anyways, thanks! -Haylee

  18. Kelly, we eat, live, and drink in your books. My 11 year old twins and I have read all of your novels and can’t wait for the next one! Any chance it is coming soon???
    Heather M.

  19. I just devoured The Girl Who Drank the Moon. As a mother, teacher, and lover of all creation you captured my heart and soul. I cannot wait to share with my students.

  20. Kelly – I’ve just finished reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon to my 12 year old daughter (my eyes are still wet and a bit sore!). We both loved it, a lot, and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you from the Welsh Marches in the UK – Pete and Rosie Bryden.

  21. Hi Kelly,
    My immigrant students are reading The Girl who drank the moon. It is wonderful. We are making maps and doing origami. I will know in discussions this week and next whether they are enjoying it and understanding it. The story is wonderful. I will field questions to you. Maybe you can provide some exciting incite. Stay safe.

  22. hi kelly! im sophia and i just wanted to say i love your books. my favorite is the witch’s boy it is very sad but still a great book. thx for listening!

  23. Kelly:
    I am a single dad to an eleven-year-old daughter who spends three nights a week with me. Each night I spend 20-30 minutes reading aloud to her before bedtime. It’s a terrible cliché, and I have told her several times we will stop nightly story time when she says it’s time and she’s too old, and lucky for me, she hasn’t. Yet.
    For the past two months, we have read The Girl Who Drank the Moon. On several occasions, we have had to stop because we were laughing. I took time one evening to explain decoupage to her. More than once, we have had to take a moment or two to get our emotions in check. And with her language arts teacher teaching the concept of theme, your book has given us considerable opportunities to discuss that particular concept.
    In short, your book is beautiful, funny, lyrical, magnificently constructed and often terrifically emotional, and I have loved every nickel of it. And I cannot possibly thank you enough for the memories you and your book have given me and my daughter over the past two months.
    Thanks again,

  24. Hello! I am a 12 year old Korean girl that loves English books. I just want to say that I didn’t use a Google Translate to write this. I read The Girl Who Drank The Moon and it was wonderful! I did a bookreview and an audiobook on Youtube! I love Fantasy books and I can say this is one of the best!

  25. I read my daughters The Girl Who Drank the Moon last year. We all loved it, but it really stood out for me. Of all the books I’ve read aloud to my girls in the past 10 years, yours stands out the most. It’s the one, even a year later, whose images, messages, characters unexpectedly float into my mind and are always welcome. Thank you for writing such a special book.

  26. Hi, My name’s Katherine I’ve read The Girl Who Drank The Moon over and over, and loved it each time. I have been wondering for a while if you were going to make a sequel, if you do I think it would be great!
    Thanks for being a wonderful person and author!

  27. Hello Ms. Barnhill,
    During the pandemic I have been leading 5th grade book club while my day job is a reading professor. The students and I are just finishing a The Girl Who Drank the Moon. In Chapter 47 and 48 some of the students notice religious allusions especially the role of Luna a a messiah and the Bog as an origin story. Did you have this in mind as you were writing the book?

    Sister Ignatia provided me the opportunity to teach the students the concept of schadenfreude.

    Thanks for a wonderful book.

    Peter Dewitz
    Author of Teaching Reading in the 21st Century

    • That is a great question! The answer is . . . well I’m not sure! Maybe? I guess I wasn’t setting out to do so, but certainly I think there were elements of that sort of story in my head as I put the book together. The writing process is mysterious – we dip into the well of our deepest thoughts and notions and ideas and values and we don’t always know what is going to come up.

  28. Hello Kelly,
    My daughter and husband read The Girl Who Drank The Moon together each night at bedtime. It was a special adventure for them to share. When they finished the book last night, my daughter was determined to write you a letter. It’s short and sweet, and I’d love to send it to you. Is there a neutral/less-personal place I can send it where you’ll eventually receive it? Thanks!

  29. Hello Mrs Barnhill,

    I read your book La fille qui avait bu la lune, and I thought it was magical ! I would like to know if, or when, there will be other french translation of your books ?? I speak french, my mom is writing this to you… 😉

    Thank you so much !

    Milane, 9

    • Hi, Milane! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the book. I wish I knew when or if my other books would be coming out in French! Alas, the process of translation rights and international publication is quite mysterious. I do have a new book coming out next year, so hopefully we will see a French edition coming in the near future. I’ll announce it here if there is!

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