School Visits

Question:  Do you do school visits?


I’m comfortable conducting 40-minute presentations with Q&A, 90-minute writing workshops or full-on residencies. I will present or teach in classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, lunchrooms or auditoriums, to small groups, large groups, and anything in between. I do book talks, craft talks, story-explorations and writing lessons. Primarily, I do what I can to foster a love of reading, a love of language, and reinforce the fundamental understanding that storytelling is part of our birthright as human beings – and that everyone has a story to tell. And those stories matter. If you’re interested in bringing me in to meet your students, shoot me an email at, and we can discuss particulars.

Additionally, I am a teaching artist with COMPAS, an arts education organization in Minnesota. My residency description can be found here. My residencies last for one week; they are intense, they are productive, but most of all, they are fun. I’m a big believer in writing a lot, and the kids oblige. I operate across genres, across theme and in multiple forms, and we have a blast doing it. To schedule a COMPAS residency, click on the link above to find out more.