Follow-up to the “should-we-give-up-the-internet” question

I should add that for the rest of that day, my darling child was offering me “proofs” that the internet was both worthwhile, useful, and necessary for daily life.

Like for funniness, for example. “How can you live without funniness, Mom,” she asked. “I mean, have you met yourself?”

One bit of proof is this video. And you know what, she’s right. Having the internet in the home is worth it for the muppets. Ninety percent of my internet searching is muppet-related. This is a fact. Here are my two favorite things in one little video: classical music and Beaker. Enjoy.

Know what I love?

Sand animation.

And I think I need to take a few days forcing my eyes away from the things that make channel my inner Fury– and meditate instead on moments of beauty, moments of grace, and moments of the friggin cool.

This, for example:

Gorgeous. With that wicked sting at the end. I had to watch it several times in a row to catch that subtle and sly pull from image to image to image.

And this (because Spring eludes us still. And because I love Vivaldi – and yes, I know he’s pedestrian and overplayed, but don’t hate on the redheaded priest! I still like him. So sue me.)

And this:

And of course there’s this, which was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen on Youtube:

Which means I must now thank Youtube for bringing me out of my funk yesterday and awaking my heart to art and beauty and sand.

Dear Youtube,
Stay solid.