And Now We Are Ten.

"Awww, Mom!"

“Awww, Mom!”

Ten fingers and ten toes.

Ten rules broken before breakfast.

Ten new gray hairs on your mother’s head.

Ten reasons why the sky is up and the ground is down.

Ten ways to avoid homework.

Ten routes to climb to the roof.

Ten legos in my running shoes.

Ten handprints on the hallway walls.

Ten baseball craters on the minivan roof.

Ten reasons why we should snuggle this second.

Ten games to play in front of the fire.

Ten tricks on a fast-moving bicycle.

Ten heart-attacks (mine, of course.)

Ten kinds of pie.

Ten trips to emergency rooms.

Ten jokes in less than a minute.

Ten stars in a love-struck eye.

Ten new wrinkles on my brow.

Ten thousand sleepless nights.

Ten million stories in my head.

Ten ways to say I love you. (And ten times ten times ten times ten times ten.)

Happy birthday to my son, a Most Marvelous Boy. I love you ever so much more than Ten.

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