Because I need to smile today. And so do you.

There are two things in this that make me ridiculously happy: Gilbert & Sullivan and the Muppets. Specifically, Sam the Eagle.

I cried when I dropped my kids off today (see yesterday’s post), and maybe you did too. But I will be smiling when they come home from school. Thank you, Jim Henson. Thank you Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan. I shall ignore your famous feud for the moment, and simply focus on this little song, with its brokenhearted and lovelorn and poetic and possibly-suicidal birds, that I sang to my children when they were babies, and that they now blame for their collectively odd sense of humor.

There now. Are you smiling? I am too. And I love you.

3 thoughts on “Because I need to smile today. And so do you.

  1. Frank Oz and Jim Henson = magical chemistry. I am truly baffled that my children do not understand why The Muppet Show clips make me roll on the floor with laughter!

  2. Yes. Where is Shawna now? I have to make up my own comment?
    Sheesh. Okay.
    Dog playing piano=good for the heart.
    Sam the Eagle=love.
    I do not know that song. I think I am going to like it.
    Must show to Peter.

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