The paperbacks are in!

I am so madly in love with the paperback design of JACK, I can hardly stand it. And look! It arrived today, all shiny and ruddy and alive. I’m beside myself. I’m a fluttery, swoony mess.


I’m not entirely sure how this all works from here – like when they show up on shelves, for example. I know they’re in the warehouse, so one could order them, should one choose (and by “one”, I of course am referring to my mom). In any case, I’m terribly pleased and I had to share.

Anyone else have good news to share with me?

3 thoughts on “The paperbacks are in!

    • Thank you, sweetness!

      (P.S. I’m definitely going to WFC in Montreal this year. Any chance you’re going too? Will I have the chance to meet you at last? Hope all is well on your end!)

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