Give me a pencil, and I will build you a world.

Today’s the day!

I’ll be at Nokomis library from 2-4, teaching a world-building workshop for young writers (ages 8-12). I shall arm them with markers, crayons, pencils and paper. We will map cities, coastlines and mountain ranges, invent religions, build governments, analyze environments, and then shatter them all to pieces. We will discover the undiscovered country and hold whole civilizations in the cup of our hands. Every world has its skin, its muscle, its sinew and its bone. Every world has lifeblood pumping through it. And we’ll come to know the lot of it. And it’ll be awesome.

There are six spots left. You can sign up here. And if you can’t come, you should stop by and say hi. I’ll be the lady pacing the stacks prior, fretting. I’ll also be the lady rehashing the class afterward. Fretting.

Because, yanno. I fret.

In the meantime – happy writing, happy reading, and happy adventures to you all!


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