In Which Leo Composes a Christmas Letter. In May.

My son, deciding that one can never start too early for anything, has already composed his letter to Santa. In May. I’m pretty sure that, at seven, he’s already fairly cognizant that Santa and Parents are one and the same – a theory supported by the fact that his letter to Santa was sitting on the fluffed pillow of his perfectly-made bed (by his standards, of course; not anyone else’s). The note was written on large drawing paper, and then folded multiple times. On the top fold he wrote;


Then he wrote his name with a heart around it.

This is not, by any reasonable standard, a typically Leo-ish move. So of course I read the note.

Dear Santa,

(it said)

I am alreaidy planing on being a Good Boy. For Crismas I would like:

1. Star Wars Lego Sets (lots)

2. A real rocket.

3. A real racing car (with rockets)

4. A pet wale or dolfin or chiken.

5. A sack of gold. 

I hope you have been a Good Boy too.



Fortunately, I have been given enough time to seek out the best deals on the internet. So, there’s that.


3 thoughts on “In Which Leo Composes a Christmas Letter. In May.

  1. Ack! He does what I used to do: surround the one thing I truly wanted with a collection of impossible/impractical gifts that make the one thing seem rational and attainable. Sheer brilliance.

  2. No, I think he really wants those things and figures you have enough time to figure out how to get them since the letter came in May.
    Please let me know when you find the real race car built for a seven year old boy and if it does indeed come with the rocket option. I’ll need one too.

  3. Yes, B is repeatedly reminding me that he too would like a real car…but for kids, that he can drive without batteries…and a real motorcycle. And a real sword. For his birthday…next March.

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