Heroes and Villains

It’s Day 3 in my fiction workshop at Chanhassen Elementary, and we are now studying Heroes and Villains. I’m ludicrously excited about what they come up with.

Yesterday, when I introduced the idea and told them to put their brains into high gear so that they’d be ready to go today, I told them a secret:

Villains are really, really fun to write. Maybe even more fun than heroes.

I also told them that every villain is a hero in his or her own mind. No one sets out to be the bad guy. And even good guys are interested in fame and glory and winning. Because really, who doesn’t like winning?

So today, they will be creating heroes and villains and putting them in action. And it’s gonna be awesome.

As we progress forward, I thought I’d put it to you, dear readers. Who are your favorite villains in literature? Who are your favorite heroes? And why on earth do they stick around in our heads and our hearts, long after we’ve closed the book, put it back on the shelf, and moved on?

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