20th Annual Hubbs Children’s Literature Conference


Are you interested in Children’s Literature? Well, that’s fascinating because so am I! Every year, teachers, librarians, parents, writers, and all sorts of folks who feel passionately about children’s books, literacy, and the glorious journey through Story undertaken every day by children everywhere, all gather at St. Thomas University for the annual Hubbs Children’s Literature Conference.

And it’s tomorrow! And you should come!

On the schedule this year?

Well Christopher Paul Curtis, for one. (And oh! The palpitations of my heart! And oh! The quivering of my limbs! I love that guy, I really do.)

And Linda Sue Park, for another. 

I’ll be there, signing books at ten, and then doing a talk on use and role of magic in the Middle Grade Novel. I shall be telling a story that may or may not make people cry. You have been warned.

In any case, if you’re free tomorrow from nine until three, you should come by. It’ll be fun!

What say you?

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