I’m giving a reading! At Barnes & Noble. And you should TOTALLY COME!

It has been years – years! – since I last visited the Har Mar Mall, in all it’s glittery, cheese-tastic glory. In fact, it’s been so many years, that my memory of the mall is significantly more awesome than the mall likely is anymore.

I’m sure the chandeliers are gone, for example. And the glittery signs. For sure, I know that the theater is gone.
\Har Mar Theater

And that’s a true and real shame. Because oh! Those lights! And oh! those ginormous pendants! What a loss. What a sincere loss.

But I digress.

I’m here to tell you that I’m going back! To Har Mar! For the first time since the early nineties!

On February 18 at 2:00 I shall become a Har Mar Superstar.

And no, I don’t mean the guy who sings in his underwear.

(I am pretty sure that I, for example, will not be singing in my underwear. Mostly sure, anyway. I have, of course, promised that very thing before, and reneged on that promise. Ask my kids. The phrase, “Mom is singing in her underwear. Again.” is, alas, common in my house.)

No, it shall be myself in clothes. Regular clothes. And my book! And reading my book and signing my book and doing tricks with my book and talking to kids and grownups about whatever it is they want to talk about – books, stories, whether or not I wrote all the words. All by myself. And whatever.

And it will be fun! And you should come. Bring your friends, bring your mortal enemies, bring people that you don’t really care about either way. And we’ll have a good time.

I may have to pay a visit to the gravesite of that old movie theater. I did, after all, go on the absolute worst blind date of my entire young life with a young man with a mustache that looked like a caterpillar had died on his upper lip. A young man who was, if it was possible, cheesier than the mall itself.

How cheesy you ask?

This cheesy:

Here’s a link to the store page with more information on the reading. Seriously, you should TOTALLY COME! I might even sing.

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