Wish me luck!

Today, I’m doing presentations on the foundations and purpose of Story to six different groups of fourth and fifth graders. Have I mentioned before how very, very much I love fourth and fifth graders? So, so much!

Here’s a thing I know about stories – they are tricky, slippery things. They are self-replicating. They learn. They grow. They share their structure and DNA with one another, building new stories. They exist outside of language, outside of image, outside of sound. Indeed, while we use language, image, sound to convey Story, they themselves are not the story. The story is separate and distinct. It lives inside us. It spills into the world.

This is what I know about stories: They are alive, they are alive, they are so alive.

So, in six different classrooms – each with about thirty-two kids – I will be engaging in the business of stories. And so will they. And they will see how, with just a sentence, just a situation, an entire saga can unfold, unbidden, in their heads. They will see how the story is already there. Waiting. Breathing. Ready.

And I, for one, can’t wait.


What’s everyone else up to today?

5 thoughts on “Wish me luck!

  1. Oh how fun for you. Hunting wild stories in their native environment. There nothing better, or more dangerous.

    My job today will be entirely safe. I’ll be working with a story, but this one will be entirely tame. My job is to act as a taxidermist, to preserve the story so it looks exciting, while in reality most of the wild parts have already been removed. Most, but not all.

    Maybe I’ll set it free, just to see what happens.

    Best of luck to you. I hope you have your best safari hat.

  2. I’m writing a curriculum “Change the Culture that Allows Bullying: Working with Kids Ages 2 to 8” and preparing Valentine’s Day stories. (I’m a professional storyteller, mostly of oral variety.)

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