In which my insufferable laziness is explained!

As you can see, oh Internets, I have fallen down on my poem-a-day pledge. I have also fallen behind on a slew of other projects. My book, for example. And my house. In fact, the dust bunnies in my house have become so very large and so very ferocious that they are now, as we speak, conducting military strategy meetings and precision drills and sewing uniforms and inventing automatons and robots and will, in short order, come streaming out of my house and take over the world.

Or I’m pretty sure that’s what that pounding is. Unless the pounding is in my head. I spent a large portion of yesterday dancing. And laughing. And oh, how the wine did flow!

In any case, I did not write any poetry because I was engaged with this:

That is my baby brother. And that is his blushing bride. And I am their weeping big sister. (And YOU GUYS. For serious. I was a blubbering idiot. And was mercilessly ridiculed by my loving family, god bless them all, goddamnit.)

So in the meantime, dear readers, while I put my brain back together, and while I replenish my stores of fluids that were lost to the cascades of happy tears, I leave you with this:

Love, love, love without ceasing. Love without hesitation. Love without fear. When we raise our glasses to the happy couple, then all divisions fall away, all strident hate-mongerers, all blathering blowhards crowding the airspaces, and all fearful suspicion. There is only hope, and joy, and promise. And so I raise my glass to them, and I raise my glass to you.


4 thoughts on “In which my insufferable laziness is explained!

  1. I hate to say it, but I think you might need to send one of your children to West Point. Sounds like what you need to combat the dust bunnies is LEADERSHIP, and perhaps you’re too much of a swept-up-in-love-and-a-beautiful-moment person to channel your inner sargeant.
    Just a thought.

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