Socialism in the Public School System?? OH NOES!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Socialism – that’s right, I said it: SOCIALISM – has reared it’s ugly face in Our Nation’s Schools and is now terrorizing the innocents. Don’t believe me? Well look at this:


(Graphic representation of Socialism, rendered by supercomputers.)

And if that wasn’t proof enough, here is what I pulled out of my son’s backpack this morning. Not only is he being indoctrinated in Socialism’s false gospel, but he’s being forced to say it after the pledge of allegiance – hand over his red blooded American heart and EVERYTHING:

The Kindness (read: Socialism) Pledge


I pledge myself on this day

To try to be kind in every way

To ever person, big or small

I will catch them if they fall.

When I love myself and others, too

That’s the best that I can do!

Leo has this memorized.

And all snarky sarcastic hyperbole aside, I kinda got weepy when I read it. I also thought it best to not show it to his die-hard-Capitalist, Ayn-Rand-quoting-and-Wild-Kingdom-watching grandpa. Because my beloved Father-in-law just wouldn’t understand.

Those of you who read this blog know that I am a pinko-commie nanny-state liberal and proud of it. You probably also know that I adhere to the Gospel of Kindness (in addition to some other Gospels, but we don’t have to get into that right now). The point is that kindness matters, but I’ve never seen it as a central core principal in a classroom before – so central, in fact, that children recite it. Daily.

And I love that.

And I think that I should write my own Kindness Pledge. And that I should recite it – hand over my heart – every day. And I think that maybe our folks in Congress, and the blowhards on the news, and the suits in the Executive Office – they should take a Kindness Pledge too.

Can you imagine if people thought that it would be better to be kind  than to be right?

Can you imagine if we valued kindness over bull-headedness? Kindness over military prowess? Kindness over money?

And honestly, I think we actually do, which is why the lack of kindness hurts us so much. But I think it would be helpful for us – as a community – to actually make explicit that which is implicit. If we put our need for kindness into words.

Because words matter.

Just ask a first grader.

5 thoughts on “Socialism in the Public School System?? OH NOES!!!!

  1. Beautiful.

    I loves me my weepy pinko socialism, but I dig that most men don’t want to be seen crying (their loss). For them I speak of the more pragmatic socialism, the “if’n we don’t all hang together, we’ll sure and shoot’n hang separately” kind. The gun owners in the crowd can grasp this easier than “OMG! Peoples are teh Awesome!”

    • Perhaps that’s true. I guess I’m still reeling from the shouts of “Let him die” at the Republican debates. I’m shocked that those candidates didn’t die of embarrassment just to be associated with people who would even think such a thing – much less say it out loud.

      I liked what my grandma told me once: “Any idiot can be rude; it takes forethought and intelligence to be kind.”

  2. This reminds me of Fiona Apple’s “Waltz (Better Than Fine).” My students and I dissect the lyrics when we read Because of Winn-Dixie, because it reminds me of Gloria Dump. I love the idea of thinking on kindness daily. 🙂

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