It’s been a bit since I’ve sat down with this blog, and I actually have quite a bit to report. But, as tends to happen when we are in the midst of things that we’d like to report, is that more and more things keep happening, and the things that we experienced get jumbled with the things that are happening, and you end up with too many damn things.

Anyway, I’ll sort it out soon.

But what I wanted to announce here in the meantime is that I organized a little book giveaway on Goodreads, and it is over. We have four winners! Congratulations to Tiffany Gilbert, Bonnita Zewike, Kirsten McIntyre, and Yvette Crawford who have a pretty little hardcover copy of JACK heading their way in tomorrow’s mail! I hope you like it, ladies, and I hope, when you’re done, it gets passed onto a kid or two. And I hope that they like it too.

After being in LA for a week, it is so good to be home and surrounded by my children and my very senile dog and my neighbors and family and everyone else who knows the exact marks I leave on the skin of the world. As much as I love meeting new people (and I truly, truly do) there is something wonderful returning to the people that know you better than they know their own hands.

Last night, I slept under a pile of children – all soft skin and fluttering eyes and open mouthed dreaming. Tonight will probably be the same.

Happy reading everyone!

2 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!

  1. Welcome home (and thanks again!). Your child pile just needs a dog (a shmushy nosed sharpei shepherd mix is my preference) to be perfect.

    • Hi. I just want to say that I started following you on twitter after reading your eloquent and passionate posts on #MGlitchat. You rock. I now want to read your book.

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