Author copies arrived today. A whole box of ’em. My book is multiplying!


After a day that, quite frankly, was a bit of a struggle, and a slog, Ms. Kelly Barnhill is has removed her cardigan and her sensible shoes, and is now dancing around the room with the music turned up very, very loud. In my head I am composing notes of apology to my neighbors for the tremendous din and the whoops of joy, though, really, I know I will neither write nor send them.


Mr. James Brown, will you please serenade us and entertain us with your glorious, fabulous and funky self? Thank you. Ahem.

2 thoughts on “SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  1. SQUEE is RIGHT! YAY you!! I can’t imagine that feeling of opening a box of books that came from you! Better than having a baby, me thinks…one needs never change the cover! Kidding! Seriously, WOW! That’s just awesome I can’t wait to order that for my Middle School (I’m pretty sure it’s already in my Baker & Taylor cart, anyway!) Cheers dear!
    The Daring Librarian

    • Thank you so much! And be sure to tell your Middle Schoolers to stop by. I used to be a full time classroom teacher in a Middle School, and I LOVE them.

      Cheers to you, dear lady, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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