So. I was nearly killed this afternoon. And how was your day?

This last week, I’ve been inundated with omens of death: a crow with a duck in its mouth; a hawk feasting on the brains of a rabbit; baby bullheads snacking on tadpoles; and etc. And while I thought it was odd, and while I assumed it all pertained to my book, it didn’t occur to me that these images of death might be a premonition of my own.

Today, when I was running around Lake Nokomis, I waited at the red light where the trail crosses Cedar Avenue and heads to the lagoon. The light turned green. I trotted into the intersection. Across the street, a car started frantically honking. I looked, couldn’t see what he was honking at, so I turned the other way.

A car.


A red one.

With a driver on a cell phone.

Barreling down the road right towards me.

She had no intention of stopping at the red light. Indeed, it didn’t even cross her mind. I jumped backward (I might have yelped. Heck, I very nearly wet myself). The car flew by, missing me by inches. She hurled into the intersection, mercifully didn’t hit any cars, turned left, and continued on her merry way. The intersection erupted in a chorus of angry honks, but it didn’t matter. She was gone.

Perhaps I need to pay greater attention to death omens when the universe offers them up. Particularly death omens while running. In any case, aside from an unfortunate lapse in ladylike behavior, during which time I yelled no fewer than 182 obscenities within the space of thirty seconds – which might be a record – I have emerged, and remain, unscathed.

Which brings me to my previous question:

And how was your day?

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