Adendum to the Infinity Bottles of Beer on The Wall post

Thanks to the glorious time-wasting machine that is my internet router, I have discovered an entire movement in house and building design that I had never heard of before – one that is so exquisitely marvelous – an amalgamation of whimsy, innovative green design, uber-recycling, art, and beer-drinking – that it might actually change my life forever.

I am speaking, of course, about buildings built from beer bottles. Like this: a Buddhist temple built entirely out of beer bottles. The sheer scope of the amount of alcohol that was required to be consumed in order to build a thing of that size is truly, truly humbling. I mean, just off the top of my head, I’m assuming we’re looking at close to 400,000 gallons of beer, which means a minimum of 400,000 REALLY bad choices, approximately 90,000 fist-fights, 40,000 STD’s, 9,000 questionable choices of karaoke songs, and approximately 1000 babies.

Truly, a glorious, glorious structure, and I think I want to print out that picture and frame it. (here’s a relief made from bottle caps):

And it’s not just the Buddhists! Here’s a christian chapel:

Riverside Chapel by Martin Sanchez

and the Transcendentalists:

Bottle Jug House

And some Finnish immigrants in Michigan built their house out of beer bottles (which, I know, has nothing to do with worshiping anything or meditating on anything. But it’s still pretty cool.)

And all of this has gotten me thinking: I am married to a friggin architect. He built us our house with his own two hands (some other peoples hands as well – including mine – but it was mostly Ted because he doesn’t sit down. Or rest. And rarely sleeps. Fer serious you guys, I’m married to a Cylon.)  And he has had some plans along the way to turn our garage into a writing studio for me. Which would be lovely. Our garage borders a park and green space, and would provide me with views of trees and meadows and a creek and a foot bridge and a scruffy little wood.

Lovely, yes?

Of course. But wouldn’t it be lovelier if it was constructed out of beer bottles?

I’m starting to think it would.

3 thoughts on “Adendum to the Infinity Bottles of Beer on The Wall post

  1. Built using more than a million beer bottles this incredible temple in the north-east of Thailand is a novel way to recycle any empties..The resident Buddhist monks at the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew complex encourage local authorities to deposit any used bottles at the temple which they then use to build new structures..Having already built the a temple and even shelters the monks who live in the town of Khun Han really have got into the spirit of recycling.. .They kept this up until they had nearly one million recycled bottles ready to construct their pagodas and temple..Even though drinking is a sin in Buddhism this still seems like a positive use of beer and lager bottles…..Share and Enjoy ..

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