The Wee Book of Pee

I was already pretty psyched about this weekend, what with the various shenanigans planned at the Walker Art Center, but I just got some pretty awesome news.

My book, The Wee Book of Pee

The Wee Book of Pee (Edge Books)

has a five star rating from Goodreads.

Five freaking stars.

Granted, it’s only one rating – on Goodreads, no less – but I don’t care. It matters to me because it is this book, in particular.

The Wee Book of Pee has given me a lot of mileage. This is one of the schools-and-libraries books that I did for Edge Books a while back, but it is by far my favorite one. Also, when I go into classrooms, I get UNBELIEVABLE street cred with the boys, simply because I happened to write a book called The Wee Book of Pee. They love me forever because of that book.

So, thank you, Wee Book of Pee Goodreads rater! I will do my best to offer more five-star-worthy tomes in the future!

And thanks for reminding me that even gross things can be turned into something silly, and that even side projects can make a person beloved by children everywhere.

Now, off to have an awesome weekend. Hope the lot of you enjoy yourselves!