Things I Saw On My Run Today

1. Wood ducks. Lots of them.

2. Four swans.

3. A snow-and-mud-soaked copy of Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury. The book had been ripped down the spine, and half of it was missing. Also a triangle of the front cover was torn off. It also had most of a phone number with two digits missing (probably in the missing triangle). Underneath the number – the name Jared. And a heart.

4. A child’s shoe. No laces.

5. A skateboard with one wheel.

6. Three beavers, two with ridiculously large branches in their mouths.

7. One loon. I called to it. It called back.

8. A guy riding a motorcycle in shorts and no shirt. Also barefoot.

9. An empty bag of extra-hot Doritos in the mouth of a very large crow sitting in an empty tree.

10. A willow tree with yellow-gold branches. Before it greens, it glows. And right now the entire world is in those moments before green. Everything living is thinking green thoughts and dreaming green dreams, and waiting for the moment when the world swells, uncurls, blossoms and grows.

That was my adventure. Or at least my real adventure. My other adventure was in my head and on the page, and I’m still reeling from it.

What did the rest of you do today?

2 thoughts on “Things I Saw On My Run Today

  1. I did have a nice moment yesterday, and being in New Zealand, that was kinda your today, so I imagine it counts. I work in a public library which has recently shifted location, and is now sitting next to a large mall. I was headed back from a hot chocolate run yesterday (we’re spiralling down into autumn right now, losing the green), and as I passed two girls sitting smoking in the shadow of the outside wall of the mall, one looked across at my new workplace and said, “Oh, s**t – is that a library?”

    But I do love that you saw so many animals! I did see a romance cover with a man holding a puppy, which is not quite the same, but cute nonetheless.

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