The Two Towers…..sort of.

It’s my book! At the ALA Midwinter Meeting! The lovely folks at Little, Brown (and can I say again how lucky I am to be an LB author? Seriously, sometimes it blows me away.) have, through devilishly clever engineering skills and architectural prowess have constructed this:

A shining tower of books! My book. The mind reels.

But wait! There’s more! In their infinite wisdom and enduring capacity to bestow graces upon writers (the laborers in the fields, the builders of stories, the gatherers of rubies from the mines) they have built for my book not one but two towers!

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(for some reason this photo is very small and cropped. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the limit of my technical powers. I assure you though, there are two, and if you squint and look sideways you can totally see them)

Two towers! Given that the genesis of my book was in the pages of Tolkein’s essay “On Fairy Stories” (printed out by my dad, who, in no uncertain terms, positively ordered me to read it. What a bossy-pants!) the fact that there are Two Towers of my little book fills me with joy.

Hooray for ALA conferences! Hooray for Jack! Hooray for the lovers of books and the collectors of books and the thinkers of books and for books themselves! Hooray for LB, who took a chance on these characters, these whispery voices in the dark, and helped me pull them into the world.

6 thoughts on “The Two Towers…..sort of.

    • Thanks Saladin! Be sure to keep me updated when your book heads into the world so I can shout to the heavens on your behalf. I don’t have a ton of readers on this blog but I’m very good at bossing people around. ;-D

  1. ALA is where I got my copy, right off of one of those towers. Normally I read more adult fare but one of my interests in is dust jacket design and this book has a great design. That made me pick up and the story made me keep it!
    I read some YA lit, John Green , Michael Scott and of course the Harry Potter series, and now I have added Kelly Barnhill to that list. Simply put, I loved this book, for the first time in a long time I am putting off finishing it. I ripped through it, almost to the end, even with a four year and a three year old at home, ok so most of the ripping was done on the plane ride home 🙂

    Honestly though I only have 14 pages to go and I am dragging my feet, so to speak. I simply do not want this to end. Exactly how I felt when I read Cider House Rules for the first time. Congratulations on a terrific book! I can hardly wait for your next one!

    • Oh, Terry thank you so much for your kind words! (Seriously, just burst into tears….but whatever, I’m a crier. I blame being a mom.) Were you at ALA because you’re a librarian, or an author, or a supporter of libraries (or some sort of combination)? I was so jealous of everyone there – it looked like an amazing time, and an even more amazing conversation.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! I’ll be smiling all day.

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