I now have a press page. It took me friggin’ hours.

I still can’t fix the box on the side to show that my book, (*sob*) will not come out in the fall of 2010, but the spring of 2011. Which means that this blog is lying all the time.

Or, maybe it’s just spreading a fiction, which of course is a bit of it’s job. Or my job. Is my blog me? Am I my blog? Have I been working on this for too long?

Hell. Yes.

4 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. Meant to say when you posted this last week: Sorry you got delayed to 2011. The bright side: Now we come out the same year! (Sorry; I’m reaching here…)

    • I love the generic seasons in publishing-speak (publiSpeak?). I’m in Spring. That could me January or it could mean July. Who the heck knows? Hopefully, I’ll find out my release date soon…..

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