Coversations With Leo

Leo has a massive crush on a little girl from his preschool class. He sings songs about Erin, draws pictures of Erin, tells jokes about Erin and even insists that his nightly bedtime story (read, by his insistence, from my imagination) features Erin in some supporting role. Anyway, he’s scheduled to have some after school playtime with Erin on Thursday, but apparently, an hour of post-school play isn’t gonna cut it.

LEO: “I don’t want regular play. I want house play. I want Erin to come over to my house forever.”

ME: “How about just on Saturday.”

LEO: “Fine. Saturday. ALL Saturday.”

ME: “We’ll I’ll call her dad and find out if she’s free.”



LEO: Of course she’s free. She doesn’t cost anything. You can’t buy a friend. There’s no friend store.



LEO: Is there?


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