Church Book Burning to Include the Bible

There’s a church in North Carolina – The Amazing Grace Baptist Church – planning an event for Halloween. The main attraction? Book Burning. Because nothing says religion like a good ole fashioned book burning.

Now, while their site lists the books you’d expect to be burned at a book burning – The Golden Compass, Goosebumps, Harry Potter and anything that mentions magic or gay people (also, magic gay people) there’s another book that they’re burning that might surprise you.

That would be the bible.

Yup, they’re burning the bible. Or, specifically, all translations that are not the King James Version (yanno, the one that Shakespeare may or may not have contributed to).

And what kills me is that they’re using quotes from the bible to justify their burning of the bible.

Even the devil can use scripture to serve his purposes, indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Church Book Burning to Include the Bible

  1. This is disgusting. Seriously. How close minded can people get?

    Ew. I googled them. They’re also burning music. And they refer to the authors of the books they’re burning as heretics. HAHAHAHA. Sorry. It’s not funny. But it kind of is. What whackjobs.

  2. Yup. Horrifying. Back when I was a teacher, I got threatening phone calls just for having Harry Potter as an option for literature circles. Thing is, no kids actually chose it – it was just one of many books on a list. Still, people called saying that I was going to hell, my one and half year old daughter was going to hell. Lots and lots of hell. “Y’all make your own hell” I said, but they didn’t get it. Sigh.

    And yet, I still laughed at it. I think that’s all you can do. Laugh at ridiculous people and hope they don’t shoot you.

  3. I’m going to paste the same comment i posted on the “Losing my Religion” blog-I think you just summarized the thoughts of every sane person on the earth. You are talking about a fringe group of idiots that don’t have a clue about foreign relations and have justified this stunt in their minds. 

    Here are some more post ideas for you:
    -Give us your opinion on NAMBLA (North American man boy love association) 

    -Please tells us what you think of the KKK

    -I would love to your wisdom on the people that think that our government flew planes into the world trade center and blew up the New Orleans levees. 

    -Tell me more about what you think about people who kill abortion doctors. 

    -Write a post about child pornographers (I guess these people are the same as NAMBLA)

    There are many groups of people that have ridiculous ideas that get attention by performing outrageous stunts. If you are going to write a post about one of them please tell us something we don’t already know.  These people don’t represent any sane religious group. Many religious groups have make statements condemning these actions. The reason why they make these statements is because they know that some people (like you) are going to associate this small church with their group.  

    If you think that this church represents Christians, no wonder you have lost your religion.

    • Um, I’m not exactly sure what line in this particular post gave you the impression that I’ve lost my religion (clarification: I haven’t; I know exactly where my religion is. I also can explain the difference between religion and faith. Can you?).

      In any case, it’s been about eleven months since I wrote the above post, so I can’t really address the reasons why that particular news story upset me that much (though I suspect, since they were burning the New Revised Standard Edition of the bible – the same edition that I labored over during revision after revision of my senior thesis (I was a Theology major. Did you know?) – the idea that it would go up in flames was a mite upsetting to me, personally) but I apologize that it upset you that much. I assure you, the rest of the blog is much more benign.

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